Lilith The Vampire – 2016 – CIFF – Chandler International Film Festival – Official Selection


O roteiro do filme “Lilith The Vampire” escrito por Jose Padilha e Yoya Wursch é “Winner” na categoria “Best Screenplay Feature” no 2016 – CIFF – Chandler International Film Festival (Arizona), seleção oficial de dezembro.

Essa é a 20ª seleção internacional de “Lilith” em festivais de roteiro, sendo 13 em eventos realizados em Los Angeles – California e 17 no total nos EUA (Festivais na Califórnia, Miami, Utah e Arizona).

O festival ocorre na cidade de Chandler, Arizona, de 13 a 15 de janeiro de 2017. Estão incluídas as atividades: “Red Carpet e Opening Ceremony” no dia 13, “Special Prime Shows with Dinner”, “Audience Choice Awards”, e “Award Ceremony” no dia 15.

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Dear jose padilha,

It is our privilege to announce that your project has been accepted for The Chandler International Film Festival! On behalf of The Chandler International Film Festival, we sincerely congratulate you and your team on your hard work and dedication.

We would like to further inform you that all of our CIFF Official Selections are now eligible to compete in this month’s session for the category their film was submitted for. You will be notified on the Notification Date if your film has won. All Award Winners will compete and screen at the annual festival in January!

Please visit our website to check out the updated official selection projects and the list of winners in few days. Also, you can find on the following link the official selection laurel that is available for download. You can print or copy your laurel to further promote your project on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and add to your film poster and trailer.

Again, congratulations on being officially selected! We look forward to viewing your next project soon. Please like our Facebook page and thank you again for your continuing support and active participation.

Warm Regards,

Lilith The Vampire

Accepted Accepted

Project has been selected to be included in festival.

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