Development – 100 Days More

Title: 100 Days More
Format: Feature Film Fiction
Length: 90 minutes
Gender: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Status: On development
Logline: In a Hospital, a doctor tells his patient: You have a maximum of 100 days of life. Sitting in front of the doctor, the patient reflects how his life was and how his last days will be. He begins to live intensely a life of adventure, traveling the world (US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America) jumping parachutes, making underwater diving, abseiling, climbing, going to raves and clubs in the most exotic and paradisiacal places and finally he makes a spiritual journey to Tibet, ending his life in a Meditation at a monastery.
Synopsis: 100 Days More – Synopsis
Screenplay: 100 Days More – Screenplay
Soundtrack: 100 Days More – Soundtrack
Storyboard: 100 Days More – Storyboard
Site: 100 Days More – Facebook Fanpage

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