Development – Apocalipse 8:12

Title: Apocalipse 8:12
Format: Feature Film Fiction
Length: 90 minutes
Gender: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Status: On development
Logline: Year 2025, a monstrous explosion of a CME – Coronal Mass Ejection, a particles coronal mass ejection which is carried by the sun, with high energy radiation waves – X-rays and ultraviolet light and Dst -2,750 nT force, reaches the earth, destroying more of 3,000 high voltage transformers from the central grid of the world’s electric grid, deactivating any global electrical system, leaving the earth immersed in the darkness. The sky gets electrocuted with a giant electromagnetic pulse, reaching satellites, and disabling all electronic devices. Airplanes fall. Nuclear plant reactors explode, releasing toxic gases and radioactive clouds. In large urban centers looting and huge street disturbances occur. Police and government officials leave their posts to protect their own families. Governments of countries fall. The land is devastated and burns in flames, the population is reduced to 1%. Riots occur in front of the underground shelters entrances which are sealed, leaving billions of people exposed to the radiation effects. Humans, animals and insects suffer major radioactive mutations and fight for survival in a hostile world.
Synopsis: Apocalipse 8:12 – Synopsis
Screenplay: Apocalipse 8:12 – Screenplay
Soundtrack: Apocalipse 8:12 – Soundtrack
Storyboard: Apocalipse 8:12 – Storyboard
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