Development – Asylum

Title: Asylum
Format: Feature Film Fiction
Length: 90 minutes
Gender: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Status: On development
Logline: A family goes on vacation and travels to the Iguazu National Park in Foz do Iguazu. In the turning of the road, the van’s driver takes an alternative way leading to a campground inside the park. The driver asks for help for his family to unload the food. The family gets out the van and helps the driver taking the food to the camp kitchen. The driver introduces the family to the camp director, who clarifies that the place is an asylum. The tourists are prevented from leaving, find out they are the asylum’s new residents, and that they will be objects of an institution where perverse torture games happen.
Synopsis: Asylum – Synopsis
Screenplay: Asylum – Screenplay
Soundtrack: Asylum – Soundtrack
Storyboard: Asylum – Storyboard
Site: Asylum – Facebook Fanpage

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