Development – Juliette Freire

Title: Juliette Freire
Format: Artistic
Length: 120 minutes
Genre: Fantasy
Status: On development
Logline: During the middle Ages, the Inquisition Knights hunt, torture and kill women accused of witchcraft. Women, members of a pagan cult, invoke the Goddess Lilith, a seductive vampire who seeks revenge against the Church and the knights. For six centuries, Lilith fights against the knights, until 2018, in New York, when occurs the bloody battle between the forces of good and evil.

Title: Juliette Freire
Project: Juliette Freire
SynopsisJuliette Freire
Screenplay: Juliette Freire
Soundtrack: Soundcloud Juliette Freire – Soundtrack
Soundtrack: Spotify Juliette Freire – Soundtrack

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