Development – Paradise Island

Title: Paradise Island
Format: Feature Film Fiction
Length: 90 minutes
Gender: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Status: On development
Logline: A family wins a vacation trip, a cruise to a paradise island. At the ship’s landing, a beggar approaches the family, takes the family father’s arm and tells them to return to the ship and leave. The family doesn’t listen to the beggar who is taken off the place. The family spends a wonderful week on the island. On the return day, a confusion in the hotel separates the wife and two children from the husband. They go to the ship in the hotel van while the husband goes by taxi. The wife and two children embark on the ship accompanied by a man, while the husband can’t embark because he is without documents. The husband tries to embark by force and is arrested. The ship departs back to the mainland. The husband gets arrested for a week and is released. He embarks clandestinely on the ship and returns to the mainland. Without documents and only with the clothes on his back, asking for alms and hitching ride until he goes back to the city where he lives. He gets to his house and rings the intercom, a woman answers and says she owns the house. He insists he lives there and she threatens to call the police, he runs away confused. He goes to his work and finds out that his job is occupied by the same man who travelled back from the island with his family
Synopsis: Paradise Island – Synopsis
Screenplay: Paradise Island – Screenplay
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