Lilith The Vampire OFFICIALLY SELECTED to 2016 LACF – Los Angeles CineFest


Dear jose padilha,

Your work Lilith The Vampire has been OFFICIALLY SELECTED to our online competition and it’s listed here: If you need laurels, you’ll find them on the same page.

Our judges started to read all scripts and plays and they’ll vote for Best of The Best starting March 3rd, 2016.

All scripts participate in Best Audience Competition. Your friends can support your work even if it is not available online. – To increase chances you can allow your work to be public. This is an option, not requirement. If you submitted to other festivals not allowing scripts to be presented on internet, then we’ll NOT share your work publicly. Judges has an access to all files, they’ll vote for all scripts and plays, those available and not available online. It doesn’t affect any chances of the result.

Your people can support you by voting between March 3rd and March 20th. 
If you win, we’ll notify you around Feb 25th. Direct link:

If you want your work to be available online, please send a PDF file. Even if you uploaded your work to submission platform, we still need your work sent by you. This way you’ll confirm we can use it publicly. When reply copy/paste this whole notification please.

Thank You and Good Luck!!

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