Título: Z
Formato: Feature Film Fiction
Duração: 90 minutes
Gênero: Drama, Action, Thriller, Horror
Status: Under development
Logline/Synopsis: The US government maintains a secret laboratory of chemical weapons production underground Lai Lai Shopping Mall in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. The laboratory safety is made by a team of Paraguayan soldiers and American mercenaries. American scientists make tests with a potent rabies virus in monkeys. A motorcycle courier picks up an order in the lab door and returns to Brazil with a cargo of vaccine vials, but suffers a severe accident on the Friendship Bridge. He is taken to the hospital.
During a disagreement between an American mercenary and a Paraguayan soldier, the American mercenary soldier pushes the Paraguayan soldier over a monkey’s cage. The cage is almost destroyed and the monkey infected with the rabies virus bites the Paraguayan soldier. The motorcycle courier gets into a coma for 30 days and when he awakens from the coma, the hospital is empty and devastated. He walks down the hospital and is attacked by the security guard who is transformed into a zombie. The motorcycle courier is saved from attack because the security guard falls down the elevator shaft.
Still confused and bewildered, the motorcycle courier leaves the hospital and realizes that the city is empty and silent, except for the presence of many dead bodies scattered on the ground and monstrous beings chasing the motorcycle courier. The zombies are extremely fast and wild, but the motorcycle courier manages to escape by jumping over a protective fence of an abandoned market. He enters and hides in the market where he meets Linda, the first human non-transformed into a zombie. Linda hits the motorcycle courier in the head with an iron bar. The motorcycle courier falls unconscious. When the motorcycle courier wakes up again he is tied up and Linda is making a bandage on his forehead. Linda explains the current situation and together they must survive in this new world.

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