Title: Borderline
Format: Fiction Series
Length: 10 sequential episodes per season. 1 hour program schedule.
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Political
Status: Under development
Logline: Miraíba is a small town near the Brazil-Paraguay border, with a river serving as border wall or moat. Smugglers use the town as a doorway to all sorts of products, including drugs. The city has its share of drug lords, corrupt politicians and all sorts of people trying to make money from shady dealings. Even the general (and extremely poor) populace is inclined to dishonest business and survival tricks.
The series has six protagonists, showing various aspects of the city. None can be considered a “hero” or a correct person. Each episode develops their story; the relationship between these people, but also in certain episodes can be more focused on one of the characters.
Candinho is the Mayor on his fourth term in office and attempting a re-election for a fifth. Dora is a radio DJ, writer and producer that hosts an immensely popular talk show, and is seeing for a chair in the Town Council. Elias, known as “The Manager”, is the drug lord of the land, controlling not only the drug distribution on all neighboring towns but also all the contraband passing through the border. Pedro Manuel, known as “Skinny” is a youngster with no perspective in life who ends up in the drug world. Kaio, the son of a rich businessman, wants nothing from life but 24/7 party. Rosely, assistant to the Mayor, is involved with embezzlement and other sordid misdoings, besides being close to organized crime.
The story of the first season will develop over a little more than a year, covering the whole election period for the City Hall and City Council and culminating with the election in the last episode. Follows the trajectory of Candinho, Dora and Rosely during this period, the alliances and agreements that will lead them to victory.
Stories on trafficking and smuggling, focused on Skinny and Manager in parallel are shown. Throughout the season, Skinny find that was used by Manager in its first work only to outwit the police and will gain other work also very risky and minor. All this will generate a grudge in Skinny, combined with a latent envy, which will take you trying to take the place of manager the following season. Also fall in love with Johanna, the Manager’s girlfriend, generating an additional component in this rivalry. Manager will have to deal with the hassle caused by Zelita, trying to get young people trafficking and to report criminal activity to the police.
The Kaio history apparently does not have much development in the first season, only being shown as a young inconsequential, but the importance of it will be higher in the following seasons, becoming a central figure in the plot.

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